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W.TEC Holds 2020 Safer Internet Day in Kwara State.

W.TEC Academy in Kwara State had a big one on Thursday February 12, holding their regular after school computer classes in 13 schools across the State and organizing W.TEC’s 2020 Safer Internet Day event.
Our Safer Internet Day event is done in support of the global movement set aside to raise awareness for the productive use of the internet by our youth.
Every year since 2017, W.TEC supports the SID by organizing day-long programs featuring educational fun exercises and Staying Safe online workshops for participants.
In 2020 W.TEC organized her SID event in Kwara State at St.Barnabas Secondary school, Ilorin – Kwara State. The program was a day-long activity for all the students of the school, which featured fun exercises which centered on what cyber crimes are all about. The was followed a workshop on Nigerian Internet Laws, enforcement, and staying safe online. The event also had a keynote speaker in person of Mrs Olabimpe Olani the Head of the National library Ilorin branch. In her address to the girls she stressed to the girls that the internet presents big opportunities for their studies, thus she shared with them many sites they can visit to learn more of what they are studying in school.
The program at the end of the day has helped our pupils who attended the program to appreciate the productive use of the internet towards their socio-economic development.
The theme for this year is: “Together for a better internet”, is a call to action for all stakeholders to join and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users.
It is line with the theme that our program for this year will be tailored for participants.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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