Gbemisola A.
W.TEC Girls Technology Camp – Lagos (2017)

The camp is awesome; I will love to come next year

Akintayo Victoria
W.TEC Girls Technology Camp – Lagos (2017)

W.TEC is very interesting and educative camp. Girls are taught new things and skill.

Tuniminu F.
W.TEC Girls Technology Camp – Lagos (2017)

The camp has been practically the best experience that I have ever had and I will cherish it all my life. It has developed and built me up in ways I cannot imagine I leant what some people would have paid for. All the excursions changed my mind-set.

Abigail A
W.TEC Girls Technology Camp – Lagos (2017)

I liked everything in the camp because it has been useful in my career to help me increase in my ability of some programming skills.

Abigail Y.
W.TEC Girls Technology Camp – Lagos (2017)

All thanks to W.TEC for welcoming us into their camp and also making us feel at home, I really love this place. W.TEC will always be the best women’s technology empowerment center in Nigeria (Amen)

Oluwakorede O.
W.TEC Girls Technology Camp (2009)

I’m currently out of the country studying Electrical Engineering in Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. This career choice was trigered by attending the W.TEC Camp the year I did.

School Principal
Staying Safe Online (2017)

The programme is indeed very nice, as the children need regular information for online safety.

School Chaplain
Staying Safe Online (2017)

It’s good to learn more skills on data safety of our devices

Staying Safe Online (2017)

It’s an honour to participate in a Facebook programme.

Nwaogbo Precious

I liked the way we were taught by the tutors. I will like to establish an organization that offers such training to young people especially women.

Adeyi Shakira Tobiloba

It has been a wonderful moment of impact knowledge in all ramifications of ICT and entrepreneurship. Please keep on doing the good work. God bless.

Christiana Ugorji

The program was worth the time and I wish more ladies would participate in subsequent workshops. I’ve started thinking like a business woman.