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Empowering Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders: W.TEC’s After-School Club Launch at Oregun Junior Grammar School

Empowering Tomorrow's Tech Leaders: W.TEC's New After-School Club Launch at Oregun Junior Grammar School

In a groundbreaking collaboration with a leading engineering firm, W.TEC has proudly initiated an after-school co-curricular club exclusively designed for girls at Oregun Junior Grammar School in Ikeja. The launch event was an inspirational affair, showcasing accomplished women engineers who passionately conveyed the message that STEM fields are not just for boys—they’re for everyone.

The inaugural event wasn’t merely a celebration; it was an evaluation point too. Assessing the students’ current knowledge sets the stage for personalized learning journeys, ensuring each participant receives tailored support throughout the program’s duration. This year-long initiative operates throughout the school calendar, with fresh batches joining each term.

What’s on the agenda for these budding tech enthusiasts? Everything from mastering computer essentials to diving into coding, programming, mobile app design, and more. The curriculum is structured to cultivate a strong foundation in tech while fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

By empowering girls with tech education and encouragement from trailblazing women in engineering, W.TEC’s program paves the way for a future where young women confidently stride into STEM fields, shaping tomorrow’s technological landscape. It’s not just a club; it’s a gateway to endless possibilities and a testament to breaking barriers in tech education.