Women's Technology Empowerment Centre – W.TEC

Meet The New Faces At W.TEC 2023 – Blessed Esionyeaba

AMeet The New Faces At W.TEC 2023 - Blessed Esionyeaba

Programme Coordinator 1

Working with W.TEC has been an amazing journey. From the serene and beautiful workstation to the friendly staff and the impactful programmes.

Being a result driven person, I am excited to be part of the great work W.TEC is doing to empowering women and girls to bridge the gender divide in STEM. W.TEC is working the talk, beyond advocacy they engage in sustainable projects that are not only impactful but life transforming.


As a staff, my vision is to see that every woman and girl who comes through WTEC leave with a stronger sense of self-efficacy, armed with the knowledge and confidence to use technology to better their lives and communities. Through our W.TEC community, I aim to contribute to a culture of inclusivity within WTEC, ensuring that every participant feels seen, heard, and valued. I am also enthusiastic about celebrating the diversity of experiences and perspectives that women and girls bring to the tech industry.


My Goals include but not limited to;

Providing Mentorship to participants, providing them with guidance and support as they navigate the tech industry. I strive to be a role model, showing them what women can achieve in tech.

Advocating for Women in Tech: To use my position to advocate for greater representation of women in tech, both within WTEC and in the broader tech industry.

Building Partnerships: I aim to establish and maintain partnerships with other organizations, schools, and universities, expanding the reach of WTEC and creating more opportunities for women and girls in tech.