Women's Technology Empowerment Centre – W.TEC

W.TEC's 2020 – Girls Fund Campaign

The “Girl Fund Campaign” by GlobalGiving is here again. The annual campaign, solicit donations for organisations working to accelerate the equality of women around the world.
Organisations with the highest donations during the  campaign slated for March 6 – 13, will win one of eight, year-long slots in the the GlobalGiving Girl Fund. The Girl Fund is made up of hundreds of donors committed to supporting GlobalGiving’s top tier vetted organizations.
W.TEC is one of their – top tier organisations selected for  the 2020 campaign.
W.TEC hereby calls on all her friends and supporters to help her raise, much needed funding to host more girls for the She Creates Camps in Lagos, Anambra and Kwara States later on this year.
The Link for you to make your kind donations to W.TEC will be available during the campaign.
The campaign comes with a lot of other opportunities which will be highly helpful beneficial
for all participating organisations. One of such is the First 24 – Hour Bonus Day:

First 24-Hour Bonus Day

  • In observance of International Women’s Day, the 2020 GlobalGiving Girl Fund Bonus Day will run for the first 24-hours of the campaign, from 00:00:00 ETto 23:59:59 ET on Friday, March 6, 2020.
  • The 24-Hour Bonus Day is exclusively for projects participating in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign.
  • Donation eligibility for the 24-Hour Bonus Day is identical to donation eligibility for the entire week-long Girl Fund Campaign.
  • GlobalGiving is offering a new structure for awarding matching funds and bonus prizes that will allow you to be in competition with yourself rather than your peers.
    • Matching Funds:GlobalGiving will match all participating projects first $100 raised on Bonus Day dollar for dollar. For example, if your project raises $50 on Bonus Day, you will earn $50 in matching. Alternatively, if your project raises over $100 on Bonus Day, you will receive the maximum match of $100 and have the opportunity to unlock a bonus prize. NOTE: This match is only good for the first 24 hours of the campaign.
    • Bonus Prize:All participants have the chance to win one bonus prize in this campaign which will be determined by your first 24 hour fundraising total. Here’s the tiered bonus prize structure:
      • Raise between $500 – $999 on Bonus Day, get a $100 bonus prize(+$100 in matching)
      • Raise between $1,000 – $2,499 on Bonus Day, get a $200 bonus prize(+$100 in matching)
      • Raise between $2,500 – $4,999 on Bonus Day, get a $300 bonus prize(+$100 in matching)
      • Raise between $5,000 – $9,999 on Bonus Day, get a $400 bonus prize(+$100 in matching)
      • Raise $10,000 and up on Bonus Day, get a $900 bonus prize(+$100 in matching)

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