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A Message to You from the ED on COVID-19

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"We Can Make it" - W.TEC Programme
“We Can Make it” – W.TEC Programme

I hope you are doing well during this tough period. It’s not an easy time but any stretch of the imagination. We ended 2019 at W.TEC on such a high and had even greater hopes for 2020 that none of us could have predicted that a few months into the year, we would be experiencing a pandemic and an almost global lockdown. We are certainly living through interesting times.
While the face-to-face activities (such as the total experience at the residential She Creates Camp) are one of our unique selling points, we have been re-designing our programmes for the virtual space.
In April, we hosted a virtual alumnae hangout and then celebrated the International Girls in ICT Day with a webinar with guest speaker Ms. Pierrette Akumawah Nanga, the Head of ICT at COMPSUDEV in Cameroon.
We will continue to explore innovative ways of delivering our programmes online. Many of the girls we work with have little access to digital devices and the Internet, so this means, in addition to working with digitally-connected girls and women, also exploring how we can continue to work with the girls who do not have access to Internet and Internet-enabled devices.
Although this is a time of uncertainty, one thing that most people seem to agree on is that after this pandemic, nothing will ever be the same.
We need to think through how together we can thrive as we move forward.
Thank you to all our incredible partners, supporters, beneficiaries, stakeholders and friends.
Oreoluwa Lesi[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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