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W.TEC Engages Alumna Network

Past trainees and participants of W.TEC programmes graduate into the W.TEC Alumna Network. This network provides ongoing learning and mentoring opportunities, activities such as annual reunions and access to dedicated member-only mailing lists and social media channels, where career and other development information will be disseminated.
The alumna will be engaged regularly by W.TEC to forge a lasting synergy with them for participants of various W.TEC programmes in order to cultivate and sustain a solidified giving back culture of the alumna so that in the long run they will guarantee the existence of W.TEC for many years to come.
One of such programmes planned for regular engagement with our alumna was a webinair held recentlyon April 16, tagged  “Lets Connect”.
The webinair held on Zoom during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown was aimed at building a better relationship with and among the alumnae network.
The session which was hosted by W.TEC staff opened the alumnae to important information about the network and its structure. Also, they were properly introduced to the network as information like survey results, available engagements, past achievement and future goals of the network were shared.
The benefits of being a part of the alumnae network and the channel available for alumnae communication were not left out. It was an interesting discussion session enjoyed by the participants.
In the same vein, the WTEC Alumnae Network aims to further engage the girls during the pandemic and after. Thereby, building a sustainable network for the alumnae.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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