Women's Technology Empowerment Centre – W.TEC



W.TEC in collaboration with Deloris Mundo hosted an international training workshop between June 12, 2023 and June 16, 2023 Victoria Island Lagos.

This was part of a transnational Erasmus+ project: ” DIGIPRENEUR – Digital entrepreneurship skills for modern VET teachers, trainers and end users” under ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CB-VET.

The capacity building training programme, for VET teachers / trainers in Africa and Europe, focused on building professional competence of trainers of youths (Gen Z) in the field of entrepreneurship with a focus on social entrepreneurship and E-commerce solutions to enable them effectively come across to the youth with latest teaching methods and skills.

 The participants were drawn from across Africa and Europe who have affiliations with the members of the consortium for the DIGIPRENEUR programme. The following are the members:

  1. Volunteer Action for Change (Kenya).
  2. KANE Social Youth Development (Greece).
  3. EuroFortis (Latvia).
  4. Mindshift – Talent Advisory (Portugal).
  5. Deloris Mundo (Nigeria).
  6. Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC).
  7. Ready4Life (South Africa).
  8. Europa Social (Spain).

The programme was a five days training workshop centered around digital entrepreneurship, capacity-building, cultural learning activities, and a multilateral sharing of trans-border experiences towards enhancing digital entrepreneurship skills development.

The workshop and participants were hosted at   for the whole period of their stay in Lagos, Nigeria.

The project is part of an intercontinental educational, skill and cultural development program of the European Union and co-funded by the ERASMUS Programme of the European Union.