Women's Technology Empowerment Centre – W.TEC



Reaching and empowering more girls and women with technology skills is one of the core goals of Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC). In a means to achieving that, W.TEC is set to train more female participants with hands-on technology skills via her MakeHer Space Lagos project.

The MakeHer Space Lagos programme would be organized in both public and private schools in across various local government areas in Lagos state. This project is designed with the mindset of reaching more girls who have little or no access to gadgets. The project dives into a more physical part of building technological devices that could be used in our everyday lives.

The W.TEC team is excited to begin the Makeher Space training in Lagos and facilitators have been well-trained in order to host an effective MakeHerSpace session. The Training of Trainers session is an important phase to the W.TEC team to ensure an impactful programme.

It’s worthy of note that some of our SHE CAN WITH ICT participants who performed excellently are volunteers in our MAKEHER SPACE Lagos project.

The MakeHer Space project will teach selected girls to create technology and engineering-based solutions that solve problems in their communities, provide information about career options and exposes them to women working successfully in STEAM.

The Makeherspace project is brought to you with support from google.org.

More details on the interesting tech areas to be learnt by the Makeher Space participants would be shared with you in coming days.