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W.TEC Alumnae Stories: Emmanuella Omonigho Ogbeide-Okoh

W.TEC Alumnae Stories: Emmanuella Omonigho Ogbeide-Okoh

Omonighbo is an alumnae of W.TEC’s Technology Camp for Girls now called SheCreates Camp, she found the camp so inspiring she and impactful she was able to design and build a website for her mum’s business. Fast – forward to today she using technology in a big way to sharing her passion of writing with her blog. In this feature, she shares with us more about herself and how she has uses technology to share her passion with the world.

My name is Emmanuella Omonigho Ogbeide-Okoh, a published author and photographer who just recently graduated from the University of Benin. As a writer, technology is an important tool for growth and to reach potential readers. I make use of various editing softwares and applications to create poetry videos, and social media to spread it around.

Because people like to watch and listen most of the time, the videos are more preferred. My last video on tiktok got almost a thousand views.

To young people who want to use technology for their passion is go for it. We live in a digital world, which means it’s inevitable, but take your time to learn the various type of technological means that would be good for you and your art or craft. Always keep learning too.

Attending W.TEC Girls Technology Camp in 2013 was the stepping stone that propelled me to where I am (and going to). Being able to learn Video Editing and Blogging allowed for me to not be left behind, and even end up inspiring other writers I know to make use of this technological means.

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