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W.TEC @2018 EMEA Child Safety Summit Hosted By Facebook & Google

Released:   Lagos – Nigeria April 30th, 2018:
The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) attended the recently held 2018 EMEA sumit co-hosted by Facebook & Google. W.TEC was invited to the summit due to her safer internet workshop series she organize each year to secure the safety of women online. W.TEC was represented at the event by Adeyemi Odutola the Communications Officer at W.TEC. The 2 day summit was held in Dublin Ireland where the events were held at the European HQ for both Facebook and Google. W.TEC along side the PPDC (Public and Private Development Centre) Abuja represented Nigeria at the summit.
The EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) child safety summit is an annual event  which brings together, from all over the EMEA region: government experts, NGO experts, child online activist, scholars, child psychologist and senior policy / tech executives of both Google and Facebook for the summit with a focus to fighting child/Sexual Abuse Online, discuss digital literacy projects, showcase child safety tools & products and many more.
Event :   EMEA Child Safety Summit
Date:               April 18 & 19
Time:              8am – 4.30pm Daily
Venue:            Facebook & Google Europe Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.
The sumit featured a 2 day programme, Day 1 – Facebook Event and Day 2 –Goggle Event. The Facebook event centred on online saftety for Facebook and Instagram while the Google Event centred on online safety for Google and Youtube.  The events of both host featured sessions bascally on current & new safety tools, expert panels, Q & A  and networking sessions.
Facebook Event
The Facebook event focused a lot on parental support to overlook their children by featuring sessions presenting Facebook parential portals, Facebook messenger for kids app (parents controlled), and work by online parenting support groups and government initiatives. The event also featured sessions on data protection by Facebook, their support and partnerships with  NGOs for child online safety.
Google Event
The Google event featured presentations on new safety measures for Google and YouTube. Their sessions presented the following for their safety measures for children: Online safety games, YouTube kids, parental verification means, google safe filters, CSAI – child safety and abuse imagery technology and many more. The event also featured interesting sessions, highlighting how staff of Google work behind the scenes on big issues as censoring sensitive content and deleting videos of online crime related campaigns.

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