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The Return of W.TEC Academy

The W.TEC Academy makes a big comeback with a series of new online classes. W.TEC Academy is an afterschool computer club for girls currently held in select secondary schools across Kwara and Ogun States. The programme, sponsored by Oracle
had 500 girls enrolled for its weekly classes before the outbreak of the pandemic.
The suspended programme now makes its comeback with virtual classes which infact will give more girls around the country the opportunity to partake in its classes. The virtual classes are conducted on zoom by the same instructors recruited for the programmme while students from Kwara State were recruited for the pilot phase of the virtual phase of the programme.
The virtual series of classes is featuring more hands on ICT skills which are needed to help the girls leverage on their daily needs, the subjects include digital design using Canva, Computer Programming using html & CSS for web design and others.
After the current pilot phase, the classes are planned to accommodate more girls in secondary schools from the around the country. Enrolment this time will be targeted at girls who are enthusiastic for ICT,  this will be achieved through a proper registration process to enable girls who take the programme serious and make impact with their skills to be enrolled.
The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) will be considering  to make the virtual version of this programme a permanent feature with its after school programme depending on the outcome of the first phase of the programme so that it can possibly cater for a more widespread groups of girls from around the nation.
Though the new programme is moving on well, it has possed a few challenges that will be sorted out with time. All virtual classes for school children in the meantime have been faced with poor data and availability of devices for students it is believed that due to this pandemic the adoption of digital data and provision of digital devices for students in the long run will help digital education like the virtual version of W.TEC Academy.
According to Tolulope Ibiyeye the Coordinator of W.TEC Academy in Kwara State, she said that the girls have shown good interest in learning and are adapting well to virtual learning. She also added that the virtual classes has enabled the programme reach more girls around the Kwara State.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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