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The Future Is Female – Campaign By W.TEC Featuring Ms Ommo Clark

We are excited to introduce our new campaign; ‘’ The future is female” which is set to interestingly showcase our women in technology. At W.TEC it is our main objective to inspire more women to the Nigerian tech space thus we wish to celebrate our women who already working in the sector successfully so as for us to have a clear reference to young women to demystify tech stereotypes against women.
Our first personality to be featured by the campaign is Ms Ommo Clark, Founder/CEO of iBez solutions a software company.
Furthermore we are very excited to introduce Ms Ommo Clark to you:
At the start of your career, what do you wish you had known? What, if anything, do you wish you had not believe?
I wish I had known that running a business is a lot more than having the technical ability to do a job.
If you could make one change to get more women in tech jobs, what would it be?
I would tell them that technology is gender neutral and there is a lot more to technology than coding.
Which words of phrases do you most overuse (in English or any other language)?
You know what I mean in a south London accent ?
What trait do you most attribute to your success?
Resilience! For some reason I can keep my head and cope under pressure, stress and deal with set-backs and hardship quite well.
What’s your proudest moment?
Hmmmm There’s been a few. But to summarise them all, to be frequently selected as one of the top women in tech in Nigeria is humbling and overwhelming and it always makes me feel very proud. 
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
If you consistently do the minimum expected of you then do not be surprised when your life becomes minimum.
What astonishes you the most about the city you live in?
In a good way, its fascinating to see how the sellers on the street are just hustle from morning until night, but in a bad way, I am amazed how people just seem accustomed to and comfortable living in filthiness.
On a lighter note, what question would you wish people should stop asking you?
What does it feel like working in a man’s world?
What woman in tech inspires you?
My friends Nkem Begho, OreLesi and Jane Egerton – Idehen. I can’t pick one person.
Learn more about Ms Clark
Ms Clark, a software developer and internet business entrepreneur whose company iBez trains Software Developers and also provides software development consulting services for people and businesses operating in emerging and underserved markets. The software products designed by ibez are to solve or overcome everyday challenges in emerging and under-served markets, improve livelihoods and contribute to economic growth.
Over the years she has impressively been recognised for her work in technology, the following are the major recognitions she has received for her work:

  • One of 21 of Africa’s game-changing Tech and Digital women entrepreneurs
  • Listed as one of 21 Most inspiring businesswomen / entrepreneurs in Nigeria
  • Listed as one of 41 Nigerian Female Entrepreneurs putting Nigeria on the global map.
  • 48th most innovative person in technology in Nigeria – Class of 2015 – Semi-Finalist

Ms Clark, an Msc holder in Information Systems has worked in various capacities abroad;  as a Chief Operations Officer at Rimsom Associates, Head, Projects and Support at Enterpriseware ltd, Project Manager at Kaupthing, Singer and Friedlander, Team Lead at Lehman Mortgage Capital Division and as Application Support Consultant at Real Asset Management.
Apart from her work Ms Clark has been a big supporter of women empowerment with technology by actively being involved with various initiatives encouraging women to technology a good example is the W.TEC technology camp for girls where she has delivered insightful presentations on the success of women in technology.

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