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Press Release – W.TEC Academy Returns to Lagos State


The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre.

2 Babalola Gardens, off Freedom Way,  Ikate – Lekki, Lagos.

Tuesday February 16th 2021.

W.TEC Announces the Return of W.TEC Academy to lagos

W.TEC is excited to announce the return of her after-school STEM programme for girls in public schools to Lagos State. The programme will be conducted in conjunction with LASRIC – Lagos State Science, Research and Innovation Council.

Starting 2021, LASRIC is partnering with W.TEC Academy for its new focus area; Demystifying STEM – Secondary Schools /Teenagers, under Education and Technology.

The mission of LASRIC in Lagos State is to translate wealth, growth and tackling societal challenges in Lagos State through the application of Science & Technology in a knowledge driven world.

Thus LASRIC selected the W.TEC Academy programme due to the acclaimed track record of the after-school computer club for girls which aims to attract more girls to pursue science and technology careers by presenting STEM in a fun and engaging way.

To this effect, the programme is poised to bridge the STEM gender gap in schools towards promoting an all-inclusive society where women will contribute effectively to technological solutions and innovations that will favour consumption of both women and men and not men alone as it stands today.

Hence the proposed new W.TEC Academy programme slated for 2021 till 2022 in Lagos will engage 300 underserved girls ages 11-17 years in a blend of face-to-face and virtual classes.

The W.TEC Academy programme by W.TEC on the other hand seeks to inspire girls to pursue engineering, technology and computer science careers paths by nurturing their interest in STEM, connecting STEM to real life situations, equipping them with the skills to translate STEM concepts into technology and engineering-based products and projects.

Through the Academy sessions, the girls will deepen their skills through hands-on Science and Technology projects, programming classes, career talks and engagement with STEM professionals. Students will be introduced to practical and engaging curriculum including: Digital Animation with Alice, Programming with Python, Video Game Design, Digital Video Production, Design Thinking, Presentation Skills, Teamwork and Problem Solving.

One of the key innovative aspects of the W.TEC Academy is the blended approach of virtual and physical classes. This is a crucial aspect of learning in the COVID-19 pandemic with the ever-present possibility of school closures and reduced class sizes.

W.TEC will leverage her rich and long track record of designing and implementing effective and engaging Science and Technology-based programmes for young people.

It is believed that through the students’ participation in the Academy, the girls will become more confident in embracing and applying STEM concepts. Past editions have students who have developed mobile applications, created other digital content and been able to use their skills to generate an income. The girls have developed their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the project work and have had the opportunity to learn from successful STEM professionals.

The W.TEC Academy will achieve the following:

Impact on the Girls:

  • Help girls connect STEM concepts, including topics taught within the school curriculum, to real life
  • Encourage girls to consider a science or technology career, by giving a realistic and positive idea of technology-related careers through engaging classes and career talks
  • Equip girls with the skills  to be technology creators

Impact on Lagos State:

  • Contribute to a vibrant and productive STEM ecosystem
  • Increase the scientific and technological resources within the State
  • Increase the gender and overall diversity of STEM students and future entrepreneurs and professionals within the state
  • Help solve some of Lagos state’s most pressing problems through the solutions developed by the Academy beneficiaries


By the Management,

The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC)

Prepared by

Folashade Braimoh

Programme Manager, W.TEC

For additional details please contact our Communications Officer

Adeyemi Odutola

08188709251   /  info@wtec.org.ng

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