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Opportunity Available: Research and Documentation Officer at W.TEC


The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) is seeking a Research and Documentation Officer, who will coordinate the organisation’s gender and technology-centered research, writing and publication work. This includes providing research input for the analysis required to develop, implement, review and evaluate new and existing programmes and activities; leading research into pertinent and cutting-edge exploration of gender and technology related issues; and documenting W.TEC’s programmes in a variety of formats.



  • Work with Communications Officer to stay abreast of the latest technology news and policy, especially in relation to women and girls and compile written news briefs for organisation.
  • Provide information on what research is already available with respect to technology and women.
  • Prepare gender and technology factsheets to support our advocacy efforts.
  • Work on research projects, including drafting of research instruments (such as questionnaires and interview questions), writing reports; conducting or coordinating and analysing in-depth interviews with research subjects.


  • Track and document all relevant gender and technology policies and related news (with focus on the Nigerian context)
  • Write gender and technology related policy briefings for dissemination to relevant stakeholders


  • Work closely with all Programmes staff to get up to date information about W.TEC programme activities and achievements.
  • Keep, collate and maintain detailed records of all organisation’s activities (including, but not limited to, programme reports, programme evaluations, feedback and testimonials from alumni and other relevant stakeholders, trainings attended by staff).
  • Write about programmes, benefits and impact for internal records and external publication in variety of formats (including but not limited to programme reports, annual report, half-yearly report, articles for wide dissemination, blog posts, impact stories, case studies, multimedia testimonials, videos, infographics).
  • Work with Communications Officer on developing questions for video, audio and written interviews (of programme beneficiaries, partners, volunteers and other key stakeholders).

Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Develop appropriate evaluation instruments to monitor and assess impact and benefit of organisation’s activities (such as pre and post tests, surveys, interviews)
  • Administer evaluation instruments before, during and after programme
  • Analyse and document programme Monitoring & Evaluation results
  • Prepare comprehensive and highly-readable reports for each activity and programme

Support Fund-Raising:

  • Support Programme Managers through research and analysis of individuals and corporate entities for partnership/sponsorship potential and propensity to donate in order to establish priorities and strategies for the successful solicitation of donors.
  • Prepare detailed and up-to-date research briefings on prospects and/or groups of prospects for development staff and administrators, in advance of calls and events in order to obtain optimal outcomes.
  • Contribute to writing proposals for funding and support


  • Work weeks are 5 days, Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Involves supporting community engagement, outreach, and work with women and girls
  • May be assigned tasks with changing priorities
  • May be required to work extra hours
  • Job is based in Lagos, Nigeria, however, job may include overnight and local travel
  • Applicants must be legally permitted to work in Nigeria


  • Weekly task lists, meeting and end of week reports due to supervisor as agreed


  • Have at least a Bachelor’s university degree or equivalent (a Master’s degree will be an added advantage)
  • Have at least 2 years of directly related experience in extensive investigative and research work


  • Demonstrate proficiency in research methods, using online sources, print directories and other sources. Show initiative in identifying new sources of information, as they become necessary and/or available.
  • Possess a good understanding of gender theories and applying gender analysis to programmes development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Ability to organize and manage a diverse range of assignments and projects with high efficiency, yet thorough attention to detail and follow through.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Resourceful and independent, but comfortable working within the framework of an integrated development program and team-oriented environment.
  • Ability to adjust to changing priorities and meet deadlines.
  • Familiarity and appreciation of the mission purpose and values of a non-profit organisation focused on women’s empowerment using technology.
  • Demonstrate competence in a variety of computer applications, including database, spread sheet and word processing programs.
  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information appropriately and with discretion.
  • Be proactive in anticipating and seeking out information related to the immediate priorities of the organisation.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and synthesize data from a wide variety of sources, and present the resulting information in a clear summary.

Howdy, Oreoluwa Lesi


Please send a resume, writing sample and cover letter to info@wtec.org.ng with the subject “Application: Research and Documentation Officer” by October 23, 2019.


The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) is a Nigerian nonprofit organisation committed to building a more inclusive technology ecosystem, with the next generation of women technology creators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Our programmes encourage more girls to pursue technology careers and support women (entrepreneurs and in civil society) to use technology confidently to increase their economic power and ability to speak about issues affecting their lives.

This is done through technology training, technology-based projects, mentoring, work placement and research. W.TEC works in partnership with local and international NGOs, educational and research organizations.

W.TEC: www.wtec.org.ng

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