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Meet Our New Research and Documentation Officer


Tarere Eyimina is our new Research and Documentation Officer, she shares with us her experience working at W.TEC for the very first time in January this year. This is her story;
My name is Tarere Eyimina and I joined W.TEC in January of 2020. I work as the research and documentation officer who conducts research on subject matters relating to our programs and mission in general. I also document W.TEC’s work and thus do a good amount of writing for the organization. It has been a pleasure working at W.TEC, from meeting all the staff on the first day till today I have always felt welcomed.
I remember my first day on the Job not fully sure what my role will entail, I met with the Executive Director, Mrs OreoluwaLesi and she gave me a run-through of my tasks and I was really excited to get started on them. Research is something I’ve always wanted to do professionally and have been trained through my undergraduate and graduate education.  So I was actually very happy and excited to be given this opportunity at W.TEC.
I am very passionate about working to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and I know my work at W.TEC will enable me work towards achieving goal 4 which is quality education and goal 5 which is gender equality. Having done a good amount of community service with young girls, I know how important it is to mentor girls and empower them from a young age. Gender equality in all spheres of life is something that I am very much in support of and know that my work at W.TEC will enable me work towards that.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the few projects I’ve been assigned. One of the most interesting parts of my Job is doing Monitoring and Evaluation work and it has really challenged me to help revise W.TEC’s current M&E instruments and develop such instruments for our programs.  It’s great knowing that this work helps W.TEC make its programs better and measure its impact. I believe these are key for any organization to grow.
I look forward to the rest of this Journey as I continue to contribute to the awesome work W.TEC does.


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