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SheCanWithICT Set To Lauch 2022 Online Classes

SheCanWithICT Set To Launch 2022 Online Classes

We are excited to present our upcoming virtual learning sessions for the SHECANWITHICT programme for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS (18years and above) commencing in OCTOBER 2022. The return of the virtual sessions brings amazing opportunities for more participants across the country. Past online sessions were a huge success, and so we are looking forward to an amazing and impactful time with our new participants.

The SHE CAN WITH ICT programme is designed to empower participants with technical know-how and digital skills to help them stand out in their various businesses. Registered participants will get a 4-week comprehensive training on developing an online tech strategy and strategic use of productivity tools, website design and management for entrepreneurs; video marketing for entrepreneurs, and market research and analysis.

To REGISTER, kindly click here to fill out our online form:

The Sustaining Her Enterprise Career and Network (SHE CAN WITH ICT) programme is a W.TEC Initiative designed to improve the productivity and profitability of women-owned businesses by equipping them with in-depth practical digital technology skills and tools to catalyze their entrepreneurial growth in an increasingly technology-driven business environment.

The 2022 cycle of the SHE CAN WITH ICT programme by W.TEC is carried out in collaboration with the Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation @actfoundation_