W.TEC In 2017 Held The 10th Edition of The Technology Camp For Girls

The W.TEC Technology Camp for Girls is an initiative of W.TEC designed to help Nigerian secondary school girls (13 – 17 years) develop an early interest in computer science, information technology and related careers. The camp which has been held annually since its inception in 2008 provides an avenue to increase the numbers of women working and using technology by dispelling stereotypes of gender-appropriateness of technology, providing information about technology careers and practical applications of technology, presenting female technical role models and providing access to mentorship and emphasizing the importance of education.
Through a mix of classes, workshops, presentations, excursions and leadership exercises, we endeavour to build strong, intelligent and focused young women, well-prepared for living and working in an increasingly technology-driven world. We aims to mould young girls’ psyche, give them a positive image of technology, related fields and opportunities while bridging the knowledge and skill gap between boys and girls in their career paths.

1. To inspire a love for technology by delivering challenging and engaging hands-on technology
workshops and classes.
2. To encourage girls to explore technology careers, by giving a realistic and positive idea of
technology-related careers through career talks and career-themed films.
3. Help girls plan their future careers with the assistance of mentors and women currently
working in these fields
4. To encourage out-of-the-box thinking by helping girls develop critical thinking skills within a
nurturing the environment, while gaining fundamental life skills such as etiquette, teamwork and leadership skills.
5. Establish a network of technology-fluent alumni and mentors, where interactions with female
role models in the technology field are encouraged.

Partners who have shown their supports towards making our goals and objectives become a reality includes GE (General Electric), Google.org, Global Giving, Nokia, Afre.lib, Native Smart, Swift Networks Ltd, Access Bank and Laureates College – Lagos. For our media publicity includes: Bella Naija and TW Magazine.

Criteria for selection of Girls to the camp
• Are Girls between the ages of 13 to 17 years
. Are Girls who have shown interest in learning Computer Technology
. Are Girls who have distinguished themselves during W.TEC organized ICT workshops, prior to the camp.

Evaluations of previous camps indicate enhanced leadership skills; creativity; and problem-solving and communication abilities in the girls as a result of attending the camp. Which also affords the girls a firsthand experience into the world of technology.