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All About W.TEC’s Internship Programme

All About W.TEC's Internship Programme

Our MakeHER Space programme, is an initiative aimed at training and providing training spaces for women and girls to learn tech skills.

Across rural and semi-rural Northern Nigeria, we have embarked on hosting training sessions for women and girls on skills to harnessing solar energy alongside electronic circuit handling. This has made our participants capable to assemble simple rechargeable devices and fix minor electronic devices like phones, radios, fans etc.

A follow-up on the trainings is an internship programme for exceptional participants through which we link them with outfits where they can use their newly acquired skills in real settings to inspire them to possibly developing their outfits and perfect their skills to teaching others.

The internship cohorts in Abuja, Nasarawa and Bauchi had been held monthly from February, March and April. Thus we are pleased with programme to produce a new group of elite ladies who will be tech savvy to handling electronics, harness solar power and possibly go into business towards their socio-economic development.