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W.TEC Launches SHECANWITHICT 2022 Cycle

W.TEC Launches the SHE CAN WITH ICT 2022 CYCLE

Press release – May 25, 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

We are excited to announce the commencement of the second cycle of the SHE CAN WITH ICT programme in partnership with ACT Foundation. The 2022/2023 cycle kicks off on Thursday May 26th and it is slated to run for 12 months. The programme this time is going to be expanded from Lagos State to Kwara State. Through this, the programme will run simultaneously in both states at designated centres which are run by our implementation partners for the programme. The project’s target for the new cycle has a target of 500 participants, and we are set to make it happen.

Programme Courses:

  1. Developing a Technology Strategy & Strategic Use of Productivity Tools
  1. Website Design & Management for Entrepreneurs
  1. Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  1. Market Research and Analysis; Project Completion

Targeted beneficiaries of the program will be aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs aged 18 and up, as was the case in the previous cycle.

The major goals of the program are to:

  • To equip 500 aspiring or existing female entrepreneurs with technology skills and knowledge to improve their business productivity and profitability.
  • Reduce the digital gender gap by increasing the number of women who are comfortable using technology
  • Promote sustainable and financial empowerment for female entrepreneurs via their strategic use of technology

W.TEC looks forward to an amazing new cycle for SHE CAN WITH ICT, breaking new bounds in empowering women in business with skills to boost their efficiency and productivity.

Produced by

Maryam Abdulsalam

Programme Manager (W.TEC)