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W.TEC Introduces Digital Open Badges To W.TEC Academy – Lagos Programme

W.TEC Introduces Digital Open Badges To W.TEC Academy - Lagos Programme

W.TEC is set to introduce the W.TEC digital open badges to the W.TEC Academy – Lagos Programme. This will enable students and facilitators to obtain the digital badges, certifying their newly acquired skills on a global stage. The Lagos Cities of Learning platform from which the badges will be issued is currently been upgraded for its open badges and activities to fit for the W.TEC Academy Lagos programme. This scheme is set to kick off from the end of the current 1st term of the 2021/2022 secondary school year – calendar.

Our volunteer – facilitators with W.TEC Academy (Lagos) are currently being trained and introduced to the Lagos Cities of Learning platform, to enable them efficiently issue the digital badges to beneficiaries appropriately.

The issuing of the digital badges is part of W.TEC’s Digital Generation Youth Programme – DGY project aimed at developing a recognition system based on digital open badges technology in cooperation with stakeholders from private and public sectors. By this our youths will be provided the opportunity to have their acquired skills recognized globally which will enable them have access to digital jobs around the world.

W.TEC’s digital open badges are aligned with the European Union Digital Competence Framework for Citizens and were introduced as part of our work on the Digital Generation Youth project (https://www.citiesoflearning.eu/digital-generation-youth/).

The W.TEC Academy is an afterschool technology club, which presents technology in an engaging way, with the aim of attracting more girls to pursue science and technology careers. The clubs target girls, aged 10 to 17 years, who attend public schools in Nigeria. The students go through a practical and engaging curriculum comprised of programming with Alice and Greenfoot, Mobile Application Development, Computer Architecture, Networking, and Robotics.

The W.TEC Academy 2021 – progranmme in lagos is done in partnership with the Lagos State Science Research & Innovation Council LASRIC.

DGY  Project partners:
Afriko, Nectarus, Breakthrough Foundation, Ready4Life, Erasmus

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