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W.TEC Impact Story – Alli-Rotimi Balogun

This is introducing our ”Impact Story Series” by which we will be featuring the impact of our major programmes on participants of such in a bid to inspire more girls to the good use of ICT and consider taking a career in ICT.
Our first feature of the impact series is on the sweet memories and benefits shared by  Miss Alli-Rotimi Balogun an alumnae of W.TEC’s first Girls-Tech camp in 2008. Her story certainly will leave you  with a big smile.
She shares her story with us thus:

Looking back, I think the camp was awesome. I had the opportunity to interact with a diverse set of girls who had numerous knowledge to share. I was able to learn from them and also had the privilege to share my little knowledge as well. I learnt how to create my first blog! I actually forgot about it until I came across it 2 years ago while surfing the web.
I learnt how to basically use the computer (with the help of the book given and I still have it)
I remember visiting the factory to help eliminate the myth that technological jobs aren’t for women.
I recall having various speakers exposing us to the wonderful world of science through technology. We had lectures about believing in ourselves and how to be technologically current
I vividly recall acting on stage lol, even though my team didn’t win, we all had a wonderful time and I’ll forever remember to always face my audience when performing (i was facing my fellow actors the whole time and backing the audience). I also remember taking part in a self-defense program. I remember being thought how to kick my opponent, how to escape from a tight grip, although I’ve forgotten what to use an handkerchief for, I still remember being instructed to use the back of my head to hit my attacker’s nose (and I’m so short so I hope i don’t have to use that skill on a tall person lol)
I remember being enlightened about internet use and how it impact one’s life and i also remember using Microsoft office
It’s been a while but I’ll let you know if I remember anything else
I use Microsoft on a daily basis, I literally live off the internet lol (both for school and work purpose). So learning internet safety has guided my use of the web. I actually forgot how to create my own website but I’m sure I was taught ?. I have used the knowledge I acquired to motivate myself whenever I encounter a challenging situation, Like when I had to take online exams or when I had to help my mom type or check emails (at the time). When I returned to school, about SS1, I actually aced my computer class!
My hands on exposure with computers in camp, gave me an edge over my classmates who had only been learning by textbooks and teacher’s descriptions. No knowledge was lost because I think every exposure I had shaped my understanding of technology. Although not having a personal computer inhibited my ability to practice the things I’ve learnt, it encouraged my mom to get one. I was a pre-law student at Ekiti State University but I am currently a nursing and psychology student ?
Well, being in the US has changed my perspective about a lot of things but the computer exposure I had, has made my adaptation process a lot easier
After camp, my dad encouraged me to attend a computer school and I coped well because I wasn’t totally new (like others) to the world of computers. I’m still a student but I work as a nurse assistant. I haven’t received any emails but here is my e-mail: Mztimmy96@gmail.com.
I will gladly refer the camp anytime, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to have been part of the camp.
Yours Sincerely
Alli-Rotimi Balogun

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