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W.TEC Expands W.TEC Academy to Ondo State

W.TEC Expands W.TEC Academy to Ondo State

W.TEC is pleased to announce the expansion of the W.TEC Academy programme to Ondo State, the award-winning programme is currently being implemented in Lagos State and Kwara State in Nigeria. This expansion would allow us to reach out to more girls and encourage them to learn technology skills, thereby closing the gender gap in technology across the country.

This is part of the upgrading plans for the 2023 cycle of after school technological training programme for secondary school in partnership with f5.global our new sponsors for the programme in Lagos State and Ondo State.

The expansion of the programme to Ondo State consolidates the impact of W.TEC Academy across the nation, from North to South. For starts the programme launched in February with 5 schools in the State capital with a total 125 students (25 girls per school) enrolled for the commencement of the programme. In addition, we have trained 15 eligible youths to conduct the trainings for girls in their schools.

The W.TEC Academy is an afterschool technology club, which presents technology in an engaging way, with the aim of attracting more girls to pursue science and technology careers. The clubs target girls, aged 10 to 17 years, who attend public schools in Nigeria. The students go through a practical and engaging curriculum comprised of programming with Alice and Greenfoot, Mobile Application Development, Computer Architecture, Networking, and Robotics.

Furthermore, we would like to also express our gratitude to Otunba Dele Ologun, the Hon. Commissioner for the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Ondo State, as well as the Directors of his Ministry, all of whom made significant contributions to the establishment of the programme in Ondo State.


W.TEC Academy programme in Ondo State is done in partnership with f5.Global .


You can read up more about the programme by visiting our W.TEC Academy web page.