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MakeHER Space Hybrid Sessions

MakeHER Space Hybrid Programme

Participants of our technology training empowerment programme for ladies MakeHER Space have started using their newly acquired skills to fix the damaged electronic circuits of their radios, fans and solar panels.

This was made possible by our post class sessions called the Hybrid sessions, through which, trained participants can come back to use our tools at our centres to perfect their skills.

Most participants preferred working on the electronic circuit soldering skills which has enabled them fix a lot of damaged appliances around them and their community.

Our MakeHER Space project by W.TEC is a technology training empowerment programme for ladies at Zone 2 is currently training participants how to harness solar energy. The training involved the couplling of electronic circuits to connect solar panels to power rechargeable devices using locally available materials to produce rechargeable powerbanks, lighting devices and door bells and phone chargers.

The MakeHER Space project by W.TEC is a technology training empowerment programme for ladies conducted with support from Google.org.

W.TEC is working with Yishda to deliver the project in Zone 2.


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