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MakeHER Space Expanded to Northern Nigeria

MakerHER-Space Expands to Northern Nigeria 

Lesley Tarabina our Curiculum Development Officer was recently in Abuja to facilitate our train the trainer TOT workshop for instructors of the programme in Northern-Nigeria which is part of the next expansion phase of the programme. Lesley pens down for us how the programme progressed.


The Makeher Space training of trainer took place at Abuja city library on the March 29th, 2021, to April 1st, 2021.

The training start by 10:00AM and end by 2:00PM each day, Day 1 of the training started with an introduction about Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre(W.TEC), what we do and all our various programmes. I also spoke about the Makeher Space project and how it was during the pilot before moving on to the main projects “Renewable Energy” and built a solar phone charger.

In attendance we have over 14 facilitators; the facilitators were very excited about learning new things and bring such project to their community.

During the TOT all project in the MakeHer Space curriculum was taught and the facilitators paid great attention while learning, Mr. Moses from YISHDA also spoke to the facilitator about logistics for publicity and they should try to reach out to more participant that they can.

I also spoke to the facilitator about the digital open badged how it’s being accepted now in other countries which they were very much interested about and also will like for the various companies they work with.

Some questions was asked by some of the facilitators “How are they going to get data for the pre-test, post-test and digital open badges”

“When are they starting the project because, they have participant already”.

Sharing of the material was quite challenging because we have additional centre but we were able to overcome that and find possible ways to make the materials go round all centres.

We also took group pictures together which was fun and exciting for everyone.

April 2nd, 2021 I went to Bauchi to visit the MakeHher space centres to see how safe and the possibilities of commencing the Makeher Space project in the state.

The locations where the certres are were peaceful and secured, 3 centres is inside a community which is safe and it is also low income people that lives in that community the 4th centre is close to a police barrack which is also safe.

The community and our facilitators over there a ready to have us (W.TEC) come start the programme in the state and most especially in the community.

Written By:

Lesley Tarabina


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