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Long Service Award! Celebrating Maryam Abdulsalam and Lesley Tarabina

Long Service Award! Celebrating Maryam Abdulsalam and Lesley Tarabina

It is indeed our pleasure to celebrate the the commitment and contribution of our team members who have contributed to the success of W.TEC over the years. Maryam Abdulsalam joined as a Programme Manager and Lesley Tarabina who joined as a a volunteering tech instructor to becoming our Curriculum Development Officer. To celebrate them we share with you their  accounts on how they joined W.TEC and what their major achievements which has been the highlight of their work so far. 

Maryam Abdulsalam  – 5 years @ W.TEC

“I heard about W.TEC in 2016 via a vacancy post on jobber man, after reading through the job description and qualifications, I thought I should give it a trial because I do have a background working win NGOs, not tech related but in health, luckily I was called in for an interview. To cut the long story short I got the job as a programme manager on a 1 year contract. I started with W.TEC working on a programme called beyond access, a training librarians on the new technology ideas and innovations needed in the 21st century modern library.
The programme was successful.
Today am a permanent staff in the organization, designing managing programmes, overseeing the monitoring and evaluation of the programmed in the organization alongside other duties. It has been a wonderful experience working with the executive director Oreoluwa Lesi and amiable colleagues till date. I look forward to achieving more personally as we work together to achieve the organizational goal.
Cheers to greater W.TEC”

Lesley Tarabina – 5 years @ W.TEC

“My journey so far with WTEC has been great, to me I will say it has been a learning, improving and growing process.

I started as a volunteer for one of WTEC’s programmes (W.TEC Academy), I grew up becoming an intern in WTEC now a staff of the organization as Curriculum developer.
Now you see why I say it’s a process of learning, improving and growing. Process of learning and growing required one to fail, so yes during the process I always fail learn from my mistakes, learning from expert, learning from my colleagues and I’m always open to correct. I was about to grow faster because of the working environment.

So of the major things I was about to learn and improve on are:
Videos editing, graphics design, teaching skills and how to design a course that suits a particular set of people.

I also learn how to relate with people more and study the kind of person they are.

My management skills grew when I have to take responsibility when my direct supervisor was not around.

With W.TEC in preaching the gospel of technology is for everyone not just a male child and encouraging more women and girls to be more involved in using or building technology, I am privileged to travel to 6 states in Nigeria.

There were some scary moments I’m saying this with smiles on my face now, when we were traveling to Ogun state where our bus had a accident some people got injured and rushed to the hospital, but nothing happened to me and one of our programmes manager Mrs. Maryam all thanks to God

I will say thank you to WTEC team for believing in me to add my experience and potential to the organization and giving me workable environment xoxo”.

Once more from all of us at W.TEC we like to thank them once for their loyalty, commitment and hard work to W.TEC, we wish you Godspeed moving forward.