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W.TEC IMPACT STORY – Miss Yvonne Omage

Miss Yvonne Omage is an alumnae of our 2008 camp who has since then, has always been following up on all activities of W.TEC, thus this makes us pleased to feature her in our ”Impact Story” series.
Our impact story series features the impact of our major programmes on participants in a bid to inspire more girls to the good use of ICT and consider taking a career in ICT.
Thus this second feature of our impact story series is on the interesting introduction of computers to Yvonne at 2008 W.TEC’s first camp for girls  plus other exciting  benefits  later on.
This is her story in her own words:

My name is Miss Yvonne Omage. I am a graduate of the University of Benin, studied banking and finance. I am a creative designer/milliner, an artisan.   
As a participant of the W-tec camp in August 10th – 16th 2008, I was really impacted in so many ways. I was soooo glad I was enrolled by my big sis. I believe we were the first set of girls.    
I knew nothing about computers till I got to the camp. I learnt how to use the computer system and some packages like Microsoft office, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.  I believe I even opened my first email address then. I was also taught takwando which was so much fun, self defense and all.  We had different impacting facilitators that came to speak to us and impact us. We visited some technology companies…..can’t remember which, but i remember we were all excited.
     The whole experience was very educative and productive for me. Ever since my time at the camp I’ve never been lost on a computer, I’ve always believed in myself as a young lady. I was glad and felt lucky to have been one of those girls. After learning from the camp I developed myself more by practicing. Even though I did not study a STEM course but ICT has been of help to me a lot. We are in the era of technology and any course you choose to study, you will surely need ICT to excel, and mine is not exempted.it has really helped me in my studies and other life endeavors.
Am glad I did as it helped me with my business because I use social media to promote and market my business and it has helped a lot. Thanks a lot to the Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre.  
 Woah, it’s 10 years already. Happy Anniversary.
Miss Yvonne

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