Girls Advisory Council

Sophiyat Sadiq – Chairperson 1

Sophiyat Sadiq is an alumna of W.TEC’s 2014 W.TEC Girls Technology Camp, now renamed as the She Creates Camp. She is probably one of W.TEC’s alumna who has fully remained engaged with W.TEC for years after first participating in the camp in 2014. This she has done by volunteering with future camps as an instructor 2 times and facilitated sessions on blogging 4 times. She also served as a participant with W.TEC on the 2014 Technovation Challenge.

Sophiyat is currently a student of Computer Science at the University of Lagos – Ojo Campus. She joins W.TEC’s Girl Advisory Council with her experience in active social participation with civil  bodies like Global Changemakers, HumanityUp, GirlUp and African Women In Tech + Business. According to her, her passion for girls stemmed from attending the She Creates Mainland Camp in 2014. In her words ‘’I was in awe of how we young girls were able to achieve and create so much with the skill we were empowered with even as we were told in society that tech wasn’t for girls.”

Her time at the camp truly inspired her to pursue a tech career not just for herself, but also because she wanted to teach other young girls the skills she had acquired. Therefore, her future aspirations for the W.TEC alumnae network is to create a network where everyone feels connected and can learn from one another.

“I believe collaboration is key for progress to happen. Collaboration amongst alumnae would mean more information and opportunities being passed around.” More so she also looks forward to being able to advance WTEC’s strategic goals and reach as many girls and women as possible through the various programmes.

Chioma Onyenokwe – Chairperson 2

Chioma Onyenokwe is an alumna of W.TEC’s She Creates 2015 Camp for Girls. She is deeply invested in eliminating the gender gap in tech, and hopes to one day see the diverse and inclusive tech workforce the world needs. She is currently a final-year Robotics Engineering Major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the United States.

Her future aspiration for W.TEC is to further W.TEC’s goal of nurturing the next generation of humane and informed women technology creators, entrepreneurs and leaders. “I look forward to working with an eager cohort of council members, organizers and alumnae to develop programs aimed at making STEM more accessible to those historically excluded from the field.”

She was first introduced to the principles of robotics through participating in the LEGO MINDSTORMS module at the W.TEC Camp. As a means of giving back, she volunteered as a director at the She Creates (2016) and Early Innovators (2019) summer camps.

Chioma is an active member of several civil groups at school including, but not limited to the African Students Association, the Gender Equality Club, and the National Society of Black Engineers.


Monsurat Oshinfisan is an alumni of our 2013 W.TEC Girls Technology Camp for girls now renamed She Creates Camp. She has been very engaged with W.TEC since participating in the W.TEC Camp in 2013. This she has done by volunteering with W.TEC Camp for girls as a camp instructor 4 times, facilitating in W.TEC’s Girls Voices Programme and serving as an intern with W.TEC for her SIWES programme.

Monsurat is currently a final year student studying Mass Communication in the prestigious Moshood Abiola Polytechnic – Ojere, Abeokuta and also combines this with real estate business and an online fashion store business.

She joins W.TEC’s Girls Advisory Council with her experience in active social participation in student bodies like Rotaract Club, LEO Club and Tourism Comet club. She is a lady who believes girls can break the norms and doing things extraordinarily if the work hard. Her aspirations for W.TEC alumnae network is to gradually have members of W.TEC Alumnae Network taking up major roles in the Nigerian tech sector.

During her time in the camp in 2013, her focus was on being an art student but the influence of the camp has made her embrace the use of technology in solving most of her daily needs. In light of this, Monsurat looks forward to W.TEC eventually bridging the  tech gender gap in Nigeria and the world.

Yvonne Omage

Yvonne Omage is a pioneer member of the W.TEC Technology Camp for Girls held in 2008. Since then she has remained involved with various programmes by W.TEC and most recently she facilitated the Art and Craft sessions in the camp in 2018 and 2019.

Yvonne is a graduate of banking and finance and is a multi–talented entrepreneur. She is also a bag designer, a cobbler, milliner and a make-up artist and gele professional. She joins our Girls Advisory Council aspiring to set up a group culture where members of the alumnae network would regularly share useful information with each other.

Currently she is a customer relations agent who believes in encouraging productivity in every lady so that they can become self-reliant in the future. Yvonne thanks the W.TEC Camp for its influence on her in becoming a more impactful young woman in her community. According to her, this inspired her to join community bodies like the Red Cross Society – Edo State Division.

Oluwarotimi Alli-Balogun

Oluwarotimi Alli-Balogun is an alumna of the 2009 W.TEC Girls Technology Camp for Girls. She is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science degrees in Nursing and Psychology.

She is passionate about women’s advancement and equality. She joins our Girls Advisory Council with her strong belief in women’s rights and advocacy for girls and women to be in STEM-related fields and other interesting fields of practice without being intimidated by their male counterparts. She loves helping people succeed and derives joy from inspiring others to pursue their dreams. In her own words her aspirations for the world are “I hope to see a world where everyone will have equal and fair opportunities to thrive in the world”.

Dolapo Nurudeen

Dolapo Nurudeen is an alumna of W.TEC’s Technology Camp for Girls in 2012. Since then she has been involved in numerous activities at W.TEC like volunteering as a camp instructor with the camp in 2014 and 2015. She participated in W.TEC’s Technovation Challenge 2016 team and also was a participant in the 2013 Google Trailblazer program on behalf of W.TEC.

Dolapo who is currently a pre-med school student in the United States, is joining W.TEC’s Girls Advisory Council with an aspiration for W.TEC’s Alumnae Network  to be a functioning network with regular meetings, aimed at providing support to members and sharing opportunities for the individual and career growth of the members.

Dolapo also believes that W.TEC in the long run could have its programmes reach many other girls in all the states in Nigeria.

In the meantime, Dolapo has  done some commendable community work by volunteering as a volunteer at the Asante Tutoring program to tutor middle-school students in maths and science. She also helped out during the pandemic as a volunteer at a local food bank to help sort and shelf canned food for the needy.

Oluwaferanmi Olatunji

Oluwareranmi Olatunji  is an alumna of  2013’s W.TEC Girls Technology Camp for Girls. Oluwaferanmi has since then been involved in numerous activities at W.TEC like volunteering as a camp instructor with the camp in 2019 and 2020. She is currently an under graduate of Computer Science at the Osun State University – Ede, after which she hopes to become a cyber security expert.

Oluwaferanmi is  passionate about promoting and supporting girls in technology. She joins our Girls Advisory Council with her an aspiration for a future where it will be common place for ladies to work alongside men in the tech sector. It is her dream for W.TEC to have a bigger facility with enough equipment to train a larger number of girls in STEM, so that the girls can continue to develop their interest and skills long after the camp. She also hopes that one day W.TEC’s alumnae network will develop to the point that it will be be able to lend a helping hand for members to secure employment  opportunities in the Nigerian tech space.

During her time at W.TEC, she said she was inspired to contribute to the development of her community by volunteering with local civil groups and participating in off school programmes like Tekly and Hultprize.