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Digital Open Badges & W.TEC Programmes

 In 2019, W.TEC joined the Digital Generation Youth (DGY) project, which is aimed at developing new content, methods and activities to improve the quality of youth non-formal learning programmes. Through this project, organisations that work with young people in Nigeria, South Africa, Lithuania and the Netherlands will develop competences in delivering non-formal digital literacy and 21st Century skills education programmes to young people.
A key aspect of the DGY project is to develop recognition systems based on digital open badges technology in cooperation with stakeholders from private and public sectors.
In this instance, the Digital Open Badges are aligned with the European Union Digital Competence Framework for Citizens.

The digital open badge is a digital certificate that encrypts information related to the learning process, achievements or competencies of the badge owner. It recognises learning and skills that can be too difficult to measure within the programme or process of non-formal education, such as soft skills, acquired attitudes, participation and personal hobbies.
Our programme participants/ students, who are required to work on tasks that qualifies them to earn these badges, have found it beneficial and worth the effort due to its evident credibility. Some tasks that students have to complete to qualify for the badge includes but not limited to participating in trainings and working on and submitting group/ individual projects they work on during the technology trainings we offer.

The following W.TEC Programmes will be issuing digital badges:

  1. She Creates Next: A W.TEC virtual initiative, designed to help girls (11 – 17 years) develop an early interest in computer science, information technology and related careers.


  1. Early Innovator Camp:A 4 week camp, opened to girls and boys aged 7 to 12 years old, which teaches technology in a fun way and utilizes a hands-on and project-based methodology.

MakeHer Space:Hands-on Technology initiative that teaches young women to create technology and engineering-based solutions that solve problems in their communities,

  1. provide information about career options and exposes them to women working successfully in STEAM.

We at W.TEC look forward to partnering with more organization on this project in order for more Nigerians to have access to this exceptional opportunity.
The Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC) is a Nigerian nonprofit organisation committed to building a more inclusive technology ecosystem, with the next generation of women technology creators, entrepreneurs and leaders.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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