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An Alumnae's Journey

Many participants of the numerous empowerment programs by W.TEC has gone on to do impressive work with their skills while others have been inspired to pursue  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) careers by enrolling for respective courses in our higher institutions.

One of such participants is Miss Sophiyat Sadiq, who has indeed been a brilliant lady who from attending our 2014 tech camp for girls now known as SheCreates Camps, to studying computer science at the Lagos State University (LASU) – Ojo.  After attending our camp she involved herself in numerous tech programs which strengthened her tech exposure, preparing her for her time in the University. In the University currently she has forged ahead becoming more relevant with the tech space presently being the Program Manager at Girls Hub Africa.

The impressive strides of a dynamic alumnae gives W.TEC a great sense of fulfilment, thus we like you to meet her and see what she is doing  plus her thoughts on girls coming to the Nigerian tech space. 


  1. Please tell us about yourself

Hello everyone, my name is Sophiyat Sadiq and I am an undergraduate, studying computer science at LASU, tech enthusiast and a tech volunteer. I am passionate about youth empowerment and gender equality, I have over the years worked for various organizations within the country like EMAC and Efferent Initiatives, Women Technology Empowerment Centre (WTEC), Children living with cancer foundation CLWCF, and others  to help drive for social change. My work and lifestyle has been centred on creating a better life for young Nigerian girls through tech and volunteerism. In 2018 I was a recipient of the under 25 social innovators award by ideationhub Africa. Currently I am a volunteer for Girl Hub Africa; a youth led volunteering network for young women to make a mark in their community and currently, I am its Programs Director. At Girl Hub Africa I organize various events for the Hub to help foster career and life growth thereby positively impacting the lives of Girl Hub Africa Volunteers. I am also the logistics manager at African Women In Tech + Business (AWIT+B); an organization set to help Tech Women in Africa understand the business side of owning start-ups.

  1. What is your current take on girls in tech Nigeria

I think we have definitely improved the number of girls in tech  thanks to organizations like WTEC, Girls can code, techygirls foundation, pearls Africa and others, more girls are now confident enough to pursue careers in tech but we can definitely do better. We certainly need more collaboration to enable work more together.

  1. What did you want to say to girls who are looking up to you

Every day I do things hoping to inspire somebody out there to do something good for them. It’s a great honour for me to have girls think I’m worthy of emulation, my life and work is centred on creating a better life for them, for us. When you stumble on your bad days always remember why you do what you do, within you is the power to create, evolve and live to the fullest. You should never let anyone tell you your light is to bright, always shine like the star you were born to be. I hope you make the best decisions for yourselves everyday and live life on your own terms doing what sets your soul on fire.

  1. What are your plans for the future

For me the future is now, and right now I am working strategically to see that girls are not limited. I have a major project in the works, although I cannot share many details about it yet but it is set to ensure more collaboration within African Women to ensure collective growth. This is something I am very excited about and can’t wait to share with the public but to find out more details about it when it drops do follow my Instagram @sophie__yah and twitter @sophiyat3. Feel free to also reach out to me via these platforms; I am ver open to questions, collaborations, partnerships and meaningful friendships! Thank you.




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