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An Alumnae Shares Her Dream Job Experience at W.TEC

Miss Oshinfisan teaching some girls photography which she learnt as a student from W.TEC at her school

One of our wonderful alumnae shares with us her magical experience working at W.TEC for her S.I.W.E.S internship. Miss Monsurat Oshinfisan was a participant of our film production workshop at her school in 2013, back then it was a dream of hers to someday work at W.TEC to empower girls like herself. In 2018  that dream came true, through  which she got to empower so many girls and ladies with ICT skills and learn a great deal. Thus she shares with us her wonderful work experience at W.TEC and her opinion on the future of W.TEC’s impact.


  1. How was your experience starting work at W.TEC

It was quite challenging at first because I wasn’t used to a full-time working environment. Along the line I blended in and it was indeed, very beneficial to me.


  1. What was your impression of TEC as a participant compared to being an intern

 Being a former participant  of W.TEC, gave me an edge in most aspects. I was familiar with some of  W.TEC’s program and it helped me all the time I was asked to complete different assignments.


  1. What is your impression of your contribution to W.TEC

I would say it is a great pleasure working with the staff of W.TEC. I was able to work with all the departments of the organization without any sort of problems. I got recommend, give advice, brainstorm and plan successful events with the team members which I will comfortably say by my own quota, I have  contributed immensely to the impact and developmentment of the organization.


  1. What were your fun moments at W.TEC

 There’s no dulling moment at all working at W.TEC, everybody at W.TEC has this special sense of humor which makes the office forever lively. The birthday cakes, trip chocolates, meetings, Trainings, smoothies and events were always fun .


  1. What would you say you you learnt during your internship at W.TEC

 Ok so here’s the big D, I learnt how to take and record good pictures and also edit them. I learnt how to post and caption pictures online too. I learnt how to write press release and newsletters. I learnt how to plan ahead future events,  I also learnt how to work with people (Team Management)I learnt how to keep record and compute documents. I learnt how to evaluate and talk to people.I learnt how assemble and dissemble a robots and much more lol….


  1. What do believe will be the future of W.TEC

 I see W.TEC bringing more and more girls to technology. Also they will not just bring them but also see them through to working in the tech sector or other STEMrelated fields. I see W.TEC expanding to other countries and continents. I also believe that W.TEC would be recognized globally pretty soon.


  1. What do you see yourself doing with what you learnt at W.TEC

I see myself working in a Technology industry. I see myself learning and developing myself with certain technology courses relating to my field of study. Lastly I see myself giving back to W.TEC and helping them to impact on other younger participants.











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