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All About MakeHER Space in 2023

All About MakeHER Space in 2023

Our technology empowerment initiative for women and girls, #makeherspacewtec, is now in full swing for 2023 across our country in all designated States (Lagos, Kwara, Abuja, Nasarawa, and Bauchi). The program is designed to teach participants how to harness solar energy.

The training sessions involve coupling electronic circuits with solar panels to power rechargeable devices, using locally available materials to produce rechargeable power-banks, lighting devices, bells and phone chargers. This will enable our locals and students solve their critical power needs independently contributing towards their socio-economic development.

The programme is run in both select secondary schools for girls and at set up vocational centres for ladies in the designated States for the programme. At schools’ participants are enrolled for a term while women are trained for a month. Participants in both training formats are welcome to return to our workshops after their training to perfect their skills and build their projects.

The programme is currently being implemented in five states across the country, with an additional state, Ondo, set to launch shortly. In addition, a total of 47 youths are trained and engaged to teach a target of 1000 participants for 2023 across Nigeria.

The main goal of our technical initiative, dubbed MakeHER Space, is to provide women and girls with technical training and designated areas where they can learn the practical skills required to develop technological and engineering-based solutions for their communities.

The #makeherspacewtec project by W.TEC is being carried out with support from Google.