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Abraham Raymond Pens Down His IT4ALL


Abraham Raymond is our Instructor for IT4All an IT inclusive programme for special people with developmental learning disabilities at the Children’s Developmental Centre in Lagos (CDC). He shed more light on his work at the centre and the great benefits of the programme.

My name is Abraham Raymond, I work with the Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre as a programmes assistant (Intern) and I facilitate in some of our programmes. And I am currently facilitating in the Inclusive Technology for All at the Children’s Developmental Centre where I teach Computer Fundamentals, WeDo Robotics, PreSchool Essentials, and Kids Story Builder.

I’ve been facilitating people with special needs such as children with autism and other developmental disabilities since 2018 and I’ve come to understand that people with developmental and behavioral disorders also have potentials in them only if we are ready to be patience and show pure love to them.

Children with learning and developmental differences may also experience stress and anxiety. The changes related to COVID-19 can add to their stress. Some children may have more difficulty expressing their emotions and some may need assistance in developing and using coping skills.

Inclusive Technology for All is one of the most valuable services that a parent can secure for a child who lives with a learning disability. Children with learning disabilities are often overwhelmed by the difficulties they face in a group-learning environment.

Moreover, these children are additionally tasked with the challenge of completing a range of standardized tests. Often, these tests are structured in direct opposition to how they confront and process information.

Inclusive Technology for all can help pave the way to academic success whether your child is dealing with;

•          Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

•          Dyslexia

•          Language Processing Trouble

•          Or any other learning related challenge.

Children with learning disabilities who receive special education tutoring services tend to be far more comfortable in the learning environment than those who do not.

This comfort can lead to fewer behavioral issues and fewer problems with;

•          Anger

•          Depression

•          Frustration

•          Anxiety

Children who receive special education tutoring on a year-round basis, rather than just before major testing seasons often experience the most progress.

So furthermore supporting programmes like the Inclusive Technology for all will help special people get along with the society and also interact with people using information communication technology

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