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A Participant’s Return To W.TEC – Nifesimi Oso

A Participant's Return To W.TEC

Miss Oluwanifesimi Osho is the newest intern at W.TEC, she is no visitor to W.TEC as she has been a big participant of W.TEC’s programmes right from her time at W.TEC 2013 Technology Camp for Girls (Now known as She Creates Camp) to volunteering with W.TEC’s Camp during her OND programme and other programmes. Nifesimi who has done very well for herself makes an interesting return to W.TEC.  In this post she shares with us her first day at work with W.TEC


“The First day of My Internship with W.TEC started when I Arrived at the W.tec Office.

I was welcomed by Mrs Diamond Oshomoji the Admin/Finance officer of the Organisation at the Beautiful Reception where we Exchanged Greetings, I was a Little Nervous because I was Meeting for the First Time.

After the Greeting with Mrs Diamond I climbed the Stairs Leading to the Office Room with a smile on my Face, I Summoned Courage to face the rest of the Staff. I walked into the Office and Seeing Familiar Faces I became Relaxed, I Greeted Everyone with so Much Enthusiasm and it was Reciprocated with so much Energy, I introduced myself to the New staff who I wasn’t Familiar with.

Not too Long After, I was told my Work Station would be Downstairs, I was Assigned to a Desk and was Giving a Laptop with which I will be Carrying out my Primary Responsibility working as an Intern with the Programs Department of W.TEC headed by Mrs Afolashade Brahimoh , whom I Report too.

The Staff are Friendly People who are Diligent and Committed to their Work. The Staff makes Working easier because there is No Tension in the Organisation. I have Always wanted to be Part of An Organisation who is Kin on Making the World better.

I Believe in Female Empowerment and I Believe in W.TEC. Working as a Programme Assistant for MakeHer Space would be A Life Changing Experience.

Thank you For Giving Me the Opportunity to be Part of You.”

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