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A Big Inspiration At W.TEC's Camp

It is with joy and pride we present another amazing alumnae of W.TEC’s technology camp for girls now called SheCreates Camp. In 2012 Miss Dolapo Nurudeen attended our camp and since then Dolapo has never been the same. She came returned to the camp in 2014 and 2015 to volunteer as a camp instructor and has gone on to pursue a career in STEM abroad. The impact of the camp has been so impressive it is with great pleasure we share with you her heartwarming story.


Let us meet you and also let us know how you think people see you?

Hello. My name is DolapoNurudeen. I am a currently studying pre-medicine with a minor in computer and chemistry at Morgan State University. I plan to attend medical school after obtaining my undergraduate degree. I attended the 2012 W.TEC girls summer camp. Most people sees me as an outgoing smart girl that has her life completely planned and figured out. Even after the practice on presentation I still get anxiety presenting to a large group of people Also I am more shy than outgoing, and I don’t have my life figured out.


Q: What was your time like in W.TEC’s camp as a participant?

My time as a W.TEC participant was amazing. I made so many friends, some I’m still in contact with after 7 years and learnt a lot that helped my life even years later. I was introduced to how to use computer applications, took typing classes and different seminars on careers in technology. The field day to Swift Technology was amazing as well.


Q: What courses caught your fancy in camp?

The course that caught my fancy was definitely robotics. It was my first time being introduced to programming robots and I was mind blown. I loved it so much that I presented what I learnt during the end of program ceremony. I even attended WAAW summer camp on robotics and renewable energy the next summer because I wanted to learn more about robotics.


Q:  What was it like volunteering with W.TEC camp and how do you think the   

       camp has changed since you were a participant?

Volunteering for W.TEC remains one of the best activities I did during the summer.Volunteering for the camp started my love for volunteering. It felt so good to give back to the organization that started my love for technology and to impact the lives of the participant. We had so much fun during the sessions and I learnt a lot as well. The camp had grown from when I attended to when I volunteered. There were more girls, more activities for them and more things to learn.


Q:  How do you think W.TEC inspired and influenced your career choices and


W.TEC influenced my career choice. When I attended the camp, I was unsure of my career choice,but I was not considering obtaining a science degree. I did not think I was smart enough to pursue a science degree and I was also discouraged by the fact that science is dominated by men. During the camp, I was privileged to listen to different successful women come to talk about their career. These talks got my interest in the science and years later I’m studying to become a doctor. I also discovered I love programming, so I learn in my spare time. I have learnt python and I plan to learn Java this summer.


Q:  What is it like studying in Nigeria compared to studying   in America plus

      your take on the 2 different cultures .

Studying in Nigeria is very different from studying in America. It was a huge cultural shift for me when I started grade 11 in the US. I was assigned a laptop, and everything was online. I took notes on my computer, submitted my assignment online, took test online and even take lessons online. I would have struggled a lot if I was not trained by W.TEC on using the computer, Microsoft office applications and how to use the internet. Also, the system was different. Unlike in Nigeria that I had to declare a department and only take classes relating to that, in the US I was given the liberty to take a wide range of classes. This allowed me to take a lot of classes from different department before declaring my career choice.


          Q:  What advice do you have for ladies in school who are considering to pursue a     

                career in STEM

My advice would be you can do it. I was very afraid I chose Medicine as career. I thought I was not smart enough or the course load would be a lot but it is not as bad as I thought it will be. Don’t be afraid by what people say and just believe in yourself.

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