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Meet The New W.TEC Face In Ilorin

Mrs Tolulope Ibrahim is W.TEC’s new Project Assistant for the W.TEC Academy programme in Ilorin Kwara State. Tolulope will working with instructors in Ilorin to carry out training sessions on basic computer skills for girls in select secondary schools in Ilorin. 
W.TEC Academy is an after school computer club for girls, a support programme designed by W.TEC to support ICT education in schools and also inspire more school girls to the ICT world.
In this this post Tolulope shares her initial experience with W.TEC:

My name is Mrs. Tolulope Ibrahim. I joined W.TEC in January 2018 as a Project Assistant for the newly inaugurated W.TEC Academy project (an after school computer club for girls) in Ilorin. My job is to co-ordinate the implementation of the program in Ilorin by working with tech volunteers, who will be teaching girls in select, Ilorin secondary schools the basics of ICT.
My first day on the job was exciting as the job came with a fine office space allocated to the programme. On settling in on the job I noticed that the job centered on a big opportunity for me to learn a lot of new things involving ICT as I went through the curriculum.
Right from the beginning, coordinating activities of W.TEC Academy in Ilorin involved the immediate empowering of our youthful volunteers who in turn will do the same  for secondary school girls with the basics of  ICT skills which in the process helped in broaden my own knowledge on the numerous career path opportunities the ICT world offers.
Thus working with younger girls for W.TEC Academy has been fulfilling and an encouraging experience due to the interest to learn, shown by most of our participants whom I can describe as zealous in acquiring more ICT knowledge even though at first my first impression of their interest to learn ICT was not encouraging.
Thankfully with a new job, I am also glad that I will be contributing towards a great  positive change in impacting productive ICT knowledge of numerous girls in Ilorin, Yes a huge positive one indeed!

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