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In February 2021, the Digital Generation Youth Project hosted an online training series titled 21st Century Skills and Recognition with Open Badges.  The training lasted for  6 different days, from the 1st of February to the 17th of February. It was an opportunity for project partners and other interested participants to learn about the cities of learning platform and Digital Open badges.  The training course focused on transforming digital literacy programmes into online learning playlists followed with recognition of digital skills using open badges.  The training was also supported by an online course on canvas with over 150 participants while the zoom meetings were attended by between 30-60 participants on each day.

There were participants from various countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Breakout rooms were used during almost every meeting to foster interactions and in depth conversation on digital tools between participants. The sessions were very interactive with polls on menti.com and the use of live boards for group activity. The last meeting enabled everyone participating in the canvas course learn about the project partners and how they use digital open badges in their organizations.

The training was an enriching experience for everyone who attended and gave participants much to ponder with regards to transforming digital skills into measurable components in their respective organizations and countries.

Prepared by:

Tarere Eyimina

Research & Documentation Officer

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